The interior design is designed to make your home comfortable and aesthetically appealing. The way it is executed quite clearly demonstrates the level of taste, reveals the character and way of life. No one knows us better than ourselves, so the temptation to personally engage in interior design can be quite strong. It intensifies after viewing specialized magazines, in which we sometimes see kitsch, from our point of view, solutions and interior elements.  This is almost always not the case, but our self-esteem is definitely inflated.


 Before making a final decision, you need to imagine what you will have to face. Illustrations in design magazines have a very insidious property: they do not give a complete picture of the room, do not reveal the artist's intention. The photographer chose not the most favorable angle, the editor selected the photos according to his own taste, the color rendition was disturbed during printing. It blurs the picture a bit. And do not forget that in the mass media, design for the sake of design is always shown more prominently. Keep this in mind when designing your interior: everything should be as adapted to everyday life as possible.


 And now soberly evaluate the forces in solving such a problem: to ensure the harmonious unity of furniture, its upholstery, wall coverings, floor and ceiling, curtains, lighting, accessories. This must be done according to several indicators: style, materials, color, texture. With all this, interior items should be practical and functional. And most importantly: not only you, but also those around you, especially family members, will like it.


 This is quite comparable to the landing of a modern airliner, before which it is necessary to bring together all the information, make a hundred deliberate actions, and only then make the only right decision. Agree that such a skill comes after many years of practice. Of course, we are talking about professional work. If you understand that this is how it should be, then the steering wheel must be given into reliable hands and not pulled out until landing in the realm of elegance and style. MEDesign will be happy to help you create your dream home.


 But if you think that decorating the interior of your own home is within your power, then consider these five most common mistakes made by novice designers.


 1. Congestion of the interior.


 …or even cluttering it up with a lot of accessories and decorative items. This makes the room smaller, and the abundance of rarely used items will only annoy later. Buy only those things that you are delighted with. They will surround you for quite some time and should remain attractive.



 2. Choosing the wrong type of furniture.


 Too large or small furniture violates the proportionality of the room, which is quite difficult to fix. Zoning and all measurements of the premises with drawing on the plan should be carried out only before buying furniture.




 3. Choice of colors.


 This is the most common mistake. Finding the right color is actually the most difficult design challenge. Color is needed not only fashionable. It must match the mood, echo the character of the people who will live here.




 4. Incorrect placement of lighting fixtures.


 The most important feature of the interior is lighting. It forms an emotional background, should be comfortable and meet the existing lighting standards. This is especially true in children's rooms.



 5. Wall decoration.


 The placement of paintings, photographs, works of arts and crafts on the walls must be carefully adjusted in height. They give the room aesthetic completeness, correctly place stylistic accents, which is why the size and location of these interior elements are so important.



And do not forget: at the end you need to get a more functional, and only then a beautiful home!


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